When it comes to swim jigs, you don’t get much more lifelike than this. The Outkast Tackle Pro Swim Jig was specifically designed with a balanced head with life-like eyes set at a 30-degree eye placement to keep the jig up in the water column and swimming true – no matter what trailer you use. With a clear coat that provides a strong and resilient finish, this jig swims through wood, weeds and the toughest cover with ease.

Our Pro Swim Jig’s much thinner skirt maximizes its natural liveliness without interfering with the action of your trailer. Between this swim jig’s double-barb keeper that reliably locks your trailer in place, its fiber weedguard that keeps the hook tip free of snags and its sharp VMC hook, our Pro Swim Jig is a go-to for pros and weekend anglers alike.

Rig with Confidence

Knowing what to rig up is more of an art than a science and the sheer number of tackle options out there can have you second-guessing even your best instincts. When you fish with Outkast Tackle, we want you to feel confident knowing you have the right tools to get the job done. The following are our best-use recommendations for this jig to help you get the most out of your day on the water.

Clear Water
Stained Water
Dirty Water
Alabama Shad
Black / Blue
Bold Gill
Dirty Money
Ghost Shad
Magic Craw
Shell Cracker
White Lightning
White / Rainbow