Based on our tournament-winning Pro Swim Jig, our Heavy Cover Edition allows for a larger trailer but still gives you the same natural swimming action as the original. This skirted jig features a 5/0 VMC heavy wire hook that drastically improves the possibilities of where and how you can fish the swim jig, allowing you to hook up in dense vegetation.

In addition to the upgraded hook, we beefed up our double barb keeper to help grip larger plastic trailers and switched over to a glued silicone core skirt! The Heavy Cover Edition’s new features add flare to the skirt and keep the strands from twisting around and bulking up on one side or the other, which can affect the balance of the jig. No matter the structure, this burly swim jig is stacked and ready and willing to take on the gnarliest cover out there – and come out on top.

Rig with Confidence

Knowing what to rig up is more of an art than a science and the sheer number of tackle options out there can have you second-guessing even your best instincts. When you fish with Outkast Tackle, we want you to feel confident knowing you have the right tools to get the job done. The following are our best-use recommendations for this jig to help you get the most out of your day on the water.

Clear Water
Stained Water
Dirty Water
Alabama Shad
Black / Blue
Bold Gill
Dirty Money
Ghost Shad
Magic Craw
White Lightning
White / Rainbow