Our favorite Classic Series finesse jig, the V2 has a traditional ball head design with a few advanced features to prevent rolling on the bottom and through cover. In addition to easily bouncing off underwater hazards, the V-shaped weed fiber prevents the hook from penetrating cover at all angles – all while keeping its fibers away from the hook point to help ensure a solid hook up on the VMC flat eye jig hook with a double barb bait keeper.

You might think this skirted jig looks upside down – that’s because it is! While the traditional finesse jig “cut top” style skirt is typically short and thin – leaving you with few presentation options – the V2’s skirt was designed to be customized to fit any presentation or situation. Our innovative skirt can be trimmed both on the top and the bottom or left for some extra bulk, and our ultra-thin but extremely durable “frog’s hair” silicone is fine-cut to create lifelike movement and flair with little to no effort. With the V2 Finesse Ballhead Jig, the variations – and possibilities – are endless!

Rig with Confidence

Knowing what to rig up is more of an art than a science and the sheer number of tackle options out there can have you second-guessing even your best instincts. When you fish with Outkast Tackle, we want you to feel confident knowing you have the right tools to get the job done. The following are our best-use recommendations for this jig to help you get the most out of your day on the water.

Clear Water
Stained Water
Dirty Water
Black Sapphire
Feider Craw
Missouri Craw
Money Craw